About The Pelvic Docs Network
The Pelvic Docs Network was created by a women's health pelvic floor rehab specialist who desired to challenge the standard of care when it came to women's health and pelvic floor rehab.

Before, you had only two options if you had pelvic pain or dysfunction:

1.  Go to someone that specializes in low back pain and spine related conditions.  


2.  Go to someone who specializes in pelvic floor rehab.

PROBLEM:  Most often, the pain driver is a mixture of both!  

SOLUTION:  The Pelvic Docs only works with providers that specialize in BOTH spine and pelvic floor rehab.  

RESULTS:  You get results fast, they last longer, and you get your life back!

Founder & Women's Health & Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist:
Dr. Britnie Hornsby
PT, DPT, Cert. DIN, Cert, VRS
(Central Phoenix, AZ)
The Pelvic Docs' Mission
To empower women to take positive action towards their reproductive and pelvic health, inspiring them to live life to the fullest.
The Pelvic Docs' Vision
A world where every woman lives life without settling simply because she's a female.
The Pelvic Docs' Values
-Women matter and deserve expertise.
-Honor the uniqueness of everyone.
-Meet clients where they are; provide what they need.
-Knowledge is power; education is freedom.
-Honest conversations; open communication.
-Fun, creative, relevant solutions.
-Evidence-informed, effective care.
The Pelvic Docs' Personality
The Pelvic Docs are the friends you didn't know you needed.
 The friends you look forward to seeing and 
spending time with. 
We live life in an approachable and friendly way, 
and you'll always leave empowered 
and hopeful for tomorrow. 
 We want to champion you to your full potential, to live a life beyond the limitations of common 
pelvic floor dysfunction.
Help is only a phone call or click away!
Why are you waiting?
Your condition is most likely treatable, do not delay, GET YOUR LIFE BACK!
Do not settle for less without getting answers. The Pelvic Docs Network was developed so every woman would be heard, would get answers, and would not have to struggle with normal physiological changes which naturally occur throughout our lives.  
Change is inevitable; suffering can be optional!
Want to know how to get help?
Option 1:  Call now, 855-331-7522 to schedule your initial evaluation with one of our Women's Health Pelvic Floor Specialists located in Arizona (Gilbert, Phoenix, & Scottsdale).
Option 2:  Sign-up for a FREE Discovery Phone Call with one of our Women's Health Pelvic Floor Specialists:
Option 3:  Take a  FREE Online Pelvic Floor Assessment which has been shown to correctly identify 91% of women in which a musculoskeletal condition is causing their pelvic floor pain or dysfunction:
Get your life back
with all natural 
Women's Health & Pelvic Floor Rehab Services
Free on-line Pelvic Floor Assessment which is 90% accurate.
What do Women's Health Pelvic Floor Therapists treat?
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Treatment for urinary leakage, pelvic pain, organ prolapse, or painful sex.
Learn about, prepare for & manage pregnancy & childbirth.
Postpartum care, rehab & pelvic floor management.
Centrally located to serve Phoenix, Scottsdale, & Tempe.
Women's Health Phoenix, AZ
One Accord Physical Therapy 
Pelvic Floor Specialist: 
Dr. Britnie Hornsby
Pelvic Floor Rehab Phoenix, AZ
OneAccord Physical Therapy Phoenix, AZ
2020 N. Central Ave. Ste L100
Phoenix, AZ  85004
**Pelvic floor rehab offered here.
Coming soon:  
Pelvic Floor Rehab Casa Grande, AZ
OneAccord Physical Therapy Casa Grande, AZ
580 N. Camino Mercado, Ste. 25
Casa Grande, AZ 85122
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